UNILATINA – Unleash the Entrepreneur in You

“A dream come true”    Unleash the Entrepreneur in You

by Lydia Bautista Moller  lbautista@unilatina.edu

 Are you restless, curious, hyperactive? Do you cringe at orders? Have you always stood out from your group of friends in elementary school, the university, and within your family?

 If so, you probably retain the natural personality traits that can lead to a successful entrepreneur venture. There are many people who are excellent at their jobs but feel uncomfortable with the obligations inherent in completing tasks and executing process that others have designed. However, turning on your leadership skills within the confining structure of an existing job will probably leave you personally frustrated because of the limitations imposed on your creativity.

 It is true that people feel happiest and most free when they are accomplishing goals, making decisions, and executing projects they consider important to their lives. To be entrepreneur is simply to start a project, make decisions and continue with that project until the end.

 Choosing a new university program, going on a trip, buying a new car, or a new house, getting married or starting a new business– all these are difficult decisions yet one must have conviction when one begins any of these projects. 

Rationally, you must understand the business you wish to start, but you must also have the fierce desire, a desire so intense that it impulses you to begin this new business, and from where you listen to the messages sent from your heart. When reason and emotion are joined, and the intention of the business is a strong and coordinated one,that is where   we discover emotional intelligence. Let’s put intelligence in our emotions. This will help us interpret the messages from our hearts.

 ”Whoever you might be, whatever you might do, when want something with determination, it is because the desire was born from the soul of the universe. It is your mission on Earth… The Soul of the World is nurtured by the happiness of people. Or by unhappiness, envy, jealousy. To fulfill your personal history is the only obligation given to man. Everything is merely this one thing. And when you want something, the universe will conspire to help you realize your desire.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, 1988.

 UNILATINA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE develops holistic educational curriculums that help shape professionals. Students learn to reach their potential through workshops and seminars for personal understanding and study. We aim to help you discover your natural abilities and help you reach rational intelligence as well as emotional intelligence.

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